Spruce Up

Bringing the vision home.

We love collaborating with startups because they are usually more eager to do something bold, exciting and unexpected. Spruce Up was no different. They were trying to bring the interior design lifestyle to the masses and had almost a year’s worth of research and several iterations of what their product could be. They still hadn’t cracked exactly how to differentiate themselves from their competitive set and convey that spirit to world in an impactful and memorable way.

Spark was brought in to refine their brand and identity and create an intuitive and engaging digital experience that was rooted in their findings. We did just that by providing a fresh design aesthetic and a conversational style quiz that helped the customer feel as though they were getting guidance from a trusted friend.

The Formula

Combined beautiful typography with a bold color palette and photographic collages to visually elevate them above their competition

Architected a more intuitive user flow to lower bounce rate

Developed a conversational copy tone to make the whole experience feel more friendly and engaging


The board was thrilled with the revised direction and have procured additional funding to support the launch.

“Spark was able to move quickly and expertly create our brand voice and conceptual user experience to elevate us above traditional home eCommerce companies.”

Mia Lewin
Founder CEO
Spruce Up
  • Project Management
  • Strategy
  • Voice & Tonality
  • Visual Identity
  • Content Development
  • Digital Experience