Great Jones Goods

Empowering all cooks to entertain with confidence.

Great Jones Goods believes in the power and pleasure of home cooking. Their distinctive kitchen essentials, approachable recipes and engaging stories will equip, empower and inspire anyone to cook with confidence.

Spark was honored to team up with Pentagram to bring this newly minted brand to life in the form of a fully responsive Ecommerce website. We’ve since added additional UX features such as product engraving and customer referrals to enhance the user experience and nourish loyalty with the brand.

The Formula

Collaborated with Great Jones Goods and Pentagram on engineering their vision for the brand and website

Launched the phase 1 website on the Shopify Plus Ecommerce platform

Customized Shopify templates with engaging and unique animations and interactions

Customized and implemented WMS and personalization extensions to enrich the shopping experience

Developed custom checkout flow and shipping rules

Designed and implemented additional UX features that strengthen the customer experience and overall brand perception

“When we decided to launch a referral program to help drive word of mouth traffic and sales, the Spark team helped us research, design, and develop the on-site user experience.

Since launching the program six months ago, we’ve seen a huge boost in revenue, and we attribute a large portion of that to the referral program’s success. In partnership with Spark, we were able to create a referral program that provides a great user experience as well as a strong impact to our bottom line.”

Maddy Moelis
Great Jones Goods
  • Project Management
  • Responsive Website Development
  • UX Feature Design and Implementation
  • Custom Shopify Templating
  • Shopify Plus Integration
  • Full-Stack Development
  • 3rd Party Extension Implementation and Support
  • WMS Integration and Support

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