Refreshing a niche business.

It’s likely you’ve never heard of Airrex, but chances are, you’ve been in a space that was heated, cooled or purified by their portable HVAC equipment. For over 20 years, Airrex has been a trusted source for air quality solutions across a wide range of public and private sector industries from BioTech to Entertainment & Hospitality.

For most B2Bs, a great website is a critical component of lead generation, and Airrex is no exception. Spark was hired to bring their online catalog from digital antique to industry standout. Like a breath of fresh, filtered air we delivered a new site and aesthetic that repositions Airrex as the most innovative and modern supplier in the category.

The Formula

Refocused product attributes through vibrant, associative colors and current graphics

Modernized browsing experience with oversized imagery, responsive elements and animations

Delivered fully coded and implementation ready for Airrex in-house development team


Within the first two weeks of launch, Airrex saw site visits increase, bounce rates decrease, page views double, and session duration times triple.

“We know how valuable first impressions are and are grateful to the Spark team for helping us build a memorable and engaging website. For us, that’s the difference between having a potential customer versus a recurring customer – and that’s what truly matters.”

Kelly Unterreiner
Marketing Manager
Airrex USA
  • Project Management
  • Visual Design
  • Front End Development

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