Choose your own adventure.

At Spark, we understand that there isn’t a magical process that works for all organizations. That’s why we offer several approaches that allow us to seamlessly integrate with your team and day to day operations. Below are the ways we typically work with our clients but we’re always open to discussing a customized approach.

Strategy & Consultation

Whenever our clients are considering a major marketing campaign, developing a new brand, launching a product or creating a disruptive new service, we recommend a separate strategy initiative to create a clear path forward. This engagement can be as simple as a single day design thinking workshop or as involved as a 360º digital strategy and roadmap.

  • Anywhere from 1 day to 8 weeks
  • Fixed Cost

Design & Prototype

We love working with start-ups as well as large organizations who want to challenge the status quo. In this engagement model we work collaboratively with you to research, design and prototype your big idea. Our end product will give you the vision and the assets to take your business to the next level.

  • Typically 4 to 8 weeks
  • Time and materials against a cap

End to End

This full project engagement is completely comprehensive, incorporating our entire service offering. We start with an in-depth discovery and strategic recommendation phase that allows us to define the problems and develop the right solutions. From there we evaluate the required technologies to implement the solution and work to design, build, deploy and launch your game changing experience.

  • Typically 2 to 6 months
  • Time and materials against a cap

Ongoing Support

For the client who knows they need ongoing support or wants to proceed in a more agile methodology, we can assemble a team to work hand-in-hand with you against your checklist of ongoing assignments. We work in an agile manner with design and development sprints against prioritized tasks.

  • Requires a 3 to 12 month commitment
  • Recurring fixed monthly cost

Trust the (design) process.


We tend to fall in love with a good problem and enjoy looking for the surprise insights that lead to real change. Throughout the insights step we sharpen the point on the assignment and conduct research, gather data and evaluate the landscape in order to get at the best solutions.


For great ideas to develop you need vigorous debate, disagreement and convergence. It might look like a heavyweight fight but we're just deciding which creative concepts make the cut. When the dust settles, we collaborate with your team to hone in on just the right brand experience.


We sweat the visual design, interaction and technology details so you don't have to. Our experienced team determines just the right image, headline, layout and animation to give the customer exactly what they need at exactly the right time.


Even the most creative solution isn’t effective if it doesn’t find the target audience. We’ll work with your internal marketing team to support SEM, Display Media, PR campaigns and events. As needed we’ll pull in our small network of industry leading partners to ensure success.


Who doesn't love a little ROI? We check in on the finished solution to see just how things are performing. We strongly recommend iterative testing to uncover ways we can further improve the journey, execution and efficiency of both our work product and your results.

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