Fulfilling enterprise consistency.

Online sales have accounted for nearly 42% of all retail growth but unfortunately much of those gains can be attributed to the online giant, Amazon. Retailers have spent an inordinate amount of time and capital to figure out how they can survive in an Amazon world. Radial provides the answer to these retailers with a suite of Omnichannel solutions that provide turnkey solutions for retailers’ fulfillment, payment and customer service needs.

Radial reached out to Spark for help architecting, designing and developing a cohesive and branded approach to their entire suite of web applications. In order to empower the Radial team with a well conceived and bullet proof user interface, we created a comprehensive pattern library that was stress tested against the most complicated and rigorous retailer requirements.

The Formula

Onsite UX workshops were conducted to gather detailed requirements and understand the exact use of the Radial products.

Crafted a fully responsive and robust Bootstrap based pattern library that supported multiple B2B web applications.

Javascript animations were used strategically to draw attention or provide system feedback.


Reimagined workflows, user interface patterns and visual aesthetic reset the impression of the Radial product when it was revealed at major retail tradeshows.

  • Project Management
  • User Personas & Workflow
  • Digital Experience
  • Front-End Development