Morehouse College

Elevating a school in a class all its own.

An institution steeped in history, legacy, and culture with alums like civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and entertainment icons Spike Lee and Samuel L. Jackson, Morehouse College is one of the most influential black men’s colleges in the United States.

To drive interest and admissions for a new generation of men, Spark created a comprehensive site redesign that tells Morehouse’s unique story through an optimized site navigation and a modern, mobile-first approach to layout featuring powerful custom imagery, animation, and copy.

The Formula

Updated the aesthetic to modernize and bolster the school’s leadership position among HBCUs and elite colleges

Performed tree testing to clarify and simplify the site’s taxonomy to better guide current and prospective students through the site

Leveraged dynamic transitions and animations to enhance the telling of the school’s value prop and story

Created a flexible template library giving the college the ability to test different content modules while maintaining consistency

Wrote all copy and developed a style guide for all primary and secondary pages throughout the site

Developed conversation architecture and prototype for an HBCU chat app designed to drive admissions

“Alums are emailing me that they have newfound pride in Morehouse because of the redesigned website. Great work!”

José Mallabo
VP, Marketing Communications & Admissions
Morehouse College
  • Project Management
  • Art Direction
  • Visual Design
  • Taxonomy Design & Testing
  • Copywriting
  • Front End Development
  • Quality Assurance

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