Substance is our style.

We believe in doing things right. That means working hard. That means treating our clients, our ideas and our employees with respect. We are headquartered in quaint Doylestown PA, just about midway between Philadelphia and New York City. While our location offers small town charm and lifestyle, we have a big city client roster spanning a variety of business verticals and markets. We are a passionate group that is singularly focused on crafting exceptional experiences that produce results.

Great ideas come from happy people, so it’s a good sign that we’re making such a big impact with our small team. Like all creative families, we are complex group of introverts, extroverts, listeners and troublemakers, but it works.

Justin Max


Cool, calm and collected; Justin has ultimate responsibility for each and every project that passes through Spark DSG. From the client’s requirements to the end-users needs; Justin’s creative background, understanding of technical considerations and business intuition cut through the complexity to find the simplest solution every time. If there’s one thing that distinguishes Justin it is his ability to see possibilities where others don’t – or, in other words, vision. Justin connects the dots that others might never think to connect.

Matt Flick

Design Director

A specialist in his field, Matt uses collaborative processes that he’s developed over years in the business to unlock fuller brand identities and create more memorable interactive and mobile experiences. Imaginative and fun, Matt has that kind of enviable originality that is impossible to imitate. With over 10 years experience in entertainment, eCommerce, social media and the financial services industries, Matt listens to ideas and crafts designs that understand a broad range of needs.

Sarah O’Neill

Operations Director

It is Sarah’s responsibility to produce the deliverables on time and on budget. Her determination, passion and attention to detail have made her our top performing project lead with an awe inspiring record in successful program oversight, client relations, project management, and data analysis. Refreshing, honest and great fun to be around, one thing you will never be is confused.

Chris Seruby

Technology Director

For over a decade, Chris has been planning and managing a vast array of technical projects. He has extensive managerial experience in numerous programming languages, frameworks and technical disciplines including mobile applications, eCommerce, Front-End/Back-End feature development, and BI/Analytics suites. Chris prides himself on being a pivotal conduit between our partners and the development team; ensuring that the project specifications and goals are lucid and precise across all teams.

Teil Wise

Design Director

Teil is an award winning creative leader who balances his ability to understand the customer’s needs with innovative UX design to create truly memorable experiences. His attention to detail and management style inspires his team to find a solution within the smallest opportunity without losing sight of the client’s strategic vision. Teil loves finding inspiration in unexpected places and drawing from sources as varied as 90’s shoegaze to vintage sci-fi movies.

Lindsay Cutsler

Senior Designer

A graduate of Kutztown University with BFA in Communication Design, Lindsay is an award-winning designer who is passionate about creating intuitive, branded experiences. Lindsay’s knack for problem-solving and keen design sensibility make her a powerful asset on any project.

Ellie King


Just like her personality, Ellie’s designs and illustrations are fun, vibrant and often come with an unexpected and delightful twist. Ellie uses her collaborative spirit and love of design to look at interactive experiences in new ways, challenging us all to innovate and move beyond the status quo.

Kate Lowe

Senior Designer

Kate’s marketing background lends a complex and thoughtful perspective to her projects that results in work that is visually pleasing, extensively conceptualized and exquisitely detailed. A supreme multi-tasker, Kate has the ability to manage multiple tasks and timelines while planning ahead for future project needs. A true professional, great fun, and – to the best of our knowledge – always right.

Megan Max

Office Manager

The heart of our organization, Meg makes sure everything from human resources to accounts payable is running smoothly. She oversees our hectic office and places tremendous value in creating a great environment for our employees to focus on being creative.

Amy Sacchetta

Senior Designer

A next generation designer that keeps everyone else on their toes. The world is changing rapidly, and Amy reminds us of this on a daily basis. Teaching us skills that didn’t even exist 2 years ago, Amy’s background in film, video and interaction design brings an astonishing degree of creative verve to our little family.

Jon Van Dine

Senior Designer

A former in-house talent at major retailers and an Art Director with some of the cities’ leading agencies, Jon is adept at conceptualizing and producing creative work that is truly unique and highly functional. His approach is thoughtful and thorough, and his curious personality brings an impressively wide and balanced perspective to every project he works on.

Peter Wisber

UX Architect

Pete’s industrial design background allows him to harness new technologies and design distinctive content rich web and mobile products. His experience is extensive, encompassing retail POP design, large eCommerce, HCP global Pharmaceutical for web and mobile, product manufacturing and Raw material manufacturing.

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