Design Considerations for Immersive 360° Video Experiences

What you need to know to create successful, immersive video experiences

Flygt Concertor™ is Live

Xylem tasked Spark DSG with creating an exciting, responsive website experience to tease the launch of a cutting-edge new pumping system, Flygt Concertor.

Going Beyond the Screen

In the past year, the internet of things has exploded. As more customer experiences transcend the screen, design agencies will be challenged to think beyond the interface and consider the impact of “Zero UI” on the customer’s experience.

Driving Offline Commerce: UX Insights for ‘Store Mode’ Mobile Experiences

‘Store Mode’ usability and usefulness – how can this functionality drive offline purchases and increase the overall value and usefulness of mobile sites?

Manufacturing and Production: Meet UX

Usability and user experience principles benefit all interface design, including Human Machine Interfaces (HMI). Let’s take a look at how the manufacturing and production world is both ignoring and adopting UX.

Adding MasterCard to your client roster. Priceless.

We’re very pleased to announce that MasterCard has approved Spark DSG as an official vendor!

Redesigned Product Configuration Tool launches!

Working closely with a small, passionate client team and their development vendor, Spark led the redesign and re-architecture of Xylect, a product configuration and analysis tool for engineers and sales representatives in the industrial pump market.

Mobile Form Design Trends: Part 2

Learn how to break conventional checkout design structures and reduce visual complexity in checkout.

Mobile Form Design Trends: Part 1

Learn how you can make data entry easier and more intuitive for your customers with floating labels and predictive technology

Welcome to Spark 2.0

We’ve been fortunate to be as busy as we have but embarrassingly, have not updated our site since the day the company was founded. We’ve finally gotten our act together with the launch of spark 2.0!